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Philadelphia 10 Best Lunch Spots

By Naman Modi
Published in Travel
February 26, 2021
4 min read

Do you know that Philadelphia doesn’t have a shortage of excellent but fast-casual lunch options? And those who are in the craving for a vegetarian sandwich can also hit up for the HipCityVeg. 

Also, they are optional if you are in the steak, as residents call the city of standard export. To help you name a few of Philly’s, you can try John’s, Pat’s Jim’s and Geno’s of old-school cheesesteak. 

In case you are here looking for your middle meal, you may have difficulty getting the right option. 

Recent research reveals that city restaurants will show for those who are open for dinner. But don’t get scared. Others like a sublime deli to white tablecloth of the restaurant serve you fresh fish and Oysters. In this article, we have ten great choices to go to for lunch in the city of Brotherly Love. 


Parc restaurant is located near Rittenhouse Square and the city’s main shopping artery. The interior dining has stunning space and tile encrusted. The outside has room for two top lines with a sidewalk to eat and drink comfortably while at the table. The French menu is as follows: Salmon tartare, onion soup, and fresh oysters. It is full of light during midday to satisfy customers. 

When you visit the place with your family, it feels executed. The setting and ambiance alone ensure that you leave happy any time you go for dinner. 

A High Street on Market 

The high street is one of the first restaurants in Philly and managed by chef Eli Kulp. It was the first restaurant to give particular local grain and various exceptional baked on-site goods. The restaurant has a mill table that informs menus of sandwiches and toast. It offers you soup and an excellent salad. 

Tredici Enoteca

 When you need a brighter and contemporary tredici restaurant is perfect for you. The dining space is attractive in the city. You have the option to choose whether to sit on the marble table or in the blonder wood-wrapped booths. 

The restaurant menu features a roasted vegetarian, large grill, raw-bar goods, and proteins as their mains. Tredici offers you both a full and half glass of wine, and you can have a lovely lunchtime in case you worry about overdoing it. 

White Dog Café 

This is another essential restaurant located in a west Philly institution and well known for serving fresh farm-to-table food. Early the restaurant used to cook and later tuned to trending nationwide. 

It decomposes the half dozen and is designed to decorate eating space and other areas in the kitchen. You can visit the white dog café several times to get experience. 

The taste of food can be either Kennett squire mushroom soup or apple shaved salad. Everything provided will make you come back. 

The Love 

Do you know Phillys does not have a shortage of the best cocktails bars, making your lunch time-unlimited? Some of the drinks you will get here go up to $20 for Manhattan and are exclusive of the local driller Dad’s hat. 

The second one of the two Stephen restaurants to make a list perfect of Love. The decoration is fantastic, and you will love to go to this place several times. 

The lunch menu is the savory end of the spectrum; many heart soup and stews also available here. Additionally you will get; salad, sandwiches. 


When it comes to Schlesinger’s restaurant as one of the classic delicatessens, you can get it today. The food sold here is top-rated, just to mention a few of them here: bagels, loaves of bread, desserts, soup, and everything you may be looking for since the old days. 

You will also get a complimentary pickle bar which offers you potatoes and other food you can enjoy when you visit this company. You can still order from the menu and wait for your main course to arrive.


According to research done, Chef Garces launched several restaurants. Amanda opened as his first one. For most of his time, Gracer is an endeavor and was spotted as an excellent chef in the city.  

You can select from the restaurant foods like cheeses, cured meats, vegetables on the plates. Additionally, you will be served perfect sandwiches, soup, and salads. 

Hungry Pigeon 

The hungry restaurant is one of the queen village hotspots that offer lunch menu spares. According to Philadelphia Magazine named Hungry Pigeon, one of the best restaurants you can go to for lunch in the city. You will get here the quality and quantity of the food you want. If you are sinking on your teeth when you eat pork, you can consider bean soup. 

Bud and Merilyn 

When you hear about Bud, Merilyn is like Love, it features a crave-worthy lineup of cocktails. If you come to enjoy it here, down-home dishes are relevant for new excitement and heights. 

The restaurant serves fried chicken in a bucket of juice. It features the right amount of bleeding and spices. You will enjoy other food like cheese curd to chop suey. There are delicious buttermilk also available. 

Bud Merilyn’s dining room is mash-up and homey sophistication. The place is a gem, and you will feel relaxed and comfortable taking lunch here. 


Lacroix is the last lunch spot restaurant on the list. Located at Perched above and Rittenhouse squire is the second flour house of five star Rittenhouse hotel. 

The restaurant is among the top best you can order your food during lunch hours. The dining design is elevated. The place looks beautiful with fresh fruits prepared on French focus of the first and second made food in the hotel. The main reason you should come here is the award-winning wine list restaurant and elegant décor.

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