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Naman Modi

Owner & Creative Director

Why the Fish Formerly Known as 'Snapper' Will Now Be Called 'Sea Bream' at Sugarfish
Do you know that sugar fish is fighting for the seas food to mislead the big win? It would help if…
Naman Modi
April 09, 2021
5 min
How Tacos 1986 Became Los Angeles Street Food Sensation
If you want to enjoy food and feel the taste, we got you covered in the hottest street food…
March 08, 2021
10 min
Recipes & Cooking
Pu Pu Platter Pineapple With Bacon
Many people ponder what is a pu pu platter? It is a snack with inspiration from rumaki. Make sure to…
February 12, 2021
1 min
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